Are You Protected from the Sun?

If you do not have Melanin/Ocular Lens Pigment sunglasses, are you being adequately protected from sunlight? The answer is NO. In this issue, we will compare Melanin/Ocular Lens Pigment lenses (MOLP) with leading sun and eye glass technologies. For legal reasons, we will describe the technologies, but cannot use any brand names. Melanin/Ocular Lens Pigment … Continue reading Are You Protected from the Sun?

Preserve your vision and sleep better.

In our previous newsletter, we mentioned how harmful blue light is to the retina because it packs a lot of energy and contributes to the development of macular degeneration. Before we had high definition LED computer/device screens and televisions, we were not significantly exposed to blue light in the evening or  indoors.  While there was some exposure from fluorescent … Continue reading Preserve your vision and sleep better.